What is Sea-Air?

Sea-Air freight is another term used in the world transportation industry as well. We use Sea-Air module to send cargo from one country to another via sea freight in one part of the routing and another part by airfreight. We send cargo by sea-air when time is not allowing us to move shipment direct by sea freight all the way due to the cargo dead line is short. This is because of production late and the arrival date of the shipment has been agreed by buyer and seller. Sea-air freight is similar to sea freight which you can send your cargo from origin to hub port for further air lifting to final destination base on your volume. If you cargo volume is big enough to stuff in container, you can send in full container load (FCL). If your cargo is small, you can send it as less container load (LCL) to hub port. The procedure and documentation from origin is the same as sea freight. Please see below the graph that show the comparison of cost and transit time among sea freight, sea-air freight and airfreight.