What is Seafreight?


Sea freight is the term used in the world transportation industry. We can call ocean freight as well. Sea freight is one of the transportation modules to carry cargo from one country to another via sea by ship/vessel. We send cargo by sea freight when time is not the issue and you are looking to send heavyweight shipment or bulky items overseas economically. You can send your cargo by sea freight with a few modules as per below;

Full Container Load – FCL

In case you have your own cargo enough to stuff either in one container or more. There are a few types and sizes of container such as 20’DC (20 Feet Dry Container), 40’DC (40 Feet Dry Container), 40’HC (40 Feet Dry High Cub), 45’HC (45 Feet Dry High Cub). Please see more details about standard container size. They will charge you base on container size. Example: from Sihanoukville to Singapore USD200 per 20’DC.

Less Container Load – LCL

In case you do not have enough cargo to stuff in one container alone, so you will send your cargo by LCL. What you have to do is to tender your cargo to freight forwarder. The freight forwarder will consol your cargo with other’s cargo to fill in the container and ship to the same destination. When cargo arrive destination, they will de-consol and release to you back on e what you tendered to them at origin. The freight forwarder will charge you base on cubic meter (CBM). Example: Phnom Penh to Singapore USD10 per CBM.

Bulk Cargo

When your cargo is oversize, overweight that could not stuff in container, the freight forwarder will send your cargo by bulk vessel. They won’t stuff in container, but just load it into the vessel. In This case they will charge you base on vessel. Let say USD20, 000 from Singapore to Phnom Penh Port.